Premium Music Search App Reviews

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Absolute Trash

If you tried the Spotify premium trial and thought it was good. DO NOT BUY the premium. Complete wast of 5 bucks. Soooo mad. Wont even let you create a playlist. Really...

Fuck this shit

Piece of shit do not buy

Rip off

Does not work and is a rip off...


I dont like this

Not what you think it is

This app isnt what you think it is. Dont waste your money. I just want it off my phone and money back on my card

Bad bad bad

Do not download this!!!

Wasted My Money!

I thought


Works fast and is super simple to use! ❤️

Works great

It finds every song just by the lyrics

This is app is AWESOME for finding song lyrics!!!

The Best! ❤️. Love this app-soooo easy to search for a song!

So easy to use-awesome!


This app is pointless, you can search for songs on the regular spotify app. This is not worth $4.99


Omg! I love this app so much helps with over use of data !

Its so cool

I think everyone should have this app it helps so much and its easy


This app is a scam and does not work. Do not buy


I tryed this because I thought I could listen to music without wifi but I guess this app is only for searching up songs wow what a scam! Im warning people dont buy unless you wanna search for songs I want my money back!


Wish I read the reviews before I paid for it, such a rip off doesnt even work you can only search for music


horrible waist of money

I want my money back

I hate this app


Its ridiculous that you even have to pay for this app! Its a total ripoff, i was thinking I was going to get a better version on spotified and this is pretty much NOTHING!!!!

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